, 2020,  2015, two-channel videoinstallation, digital prints

A camera is continuously rotating on a tripod on top of a roof-deck in Jerusalem. It is set up next to the street HaNeviim which marks the separation of the quarters of the ultra-orthodox inhabitants of the city from those of the secular ones. The reflex camera has been modified in such way, that each turn triggers a long time exposure of one segment of the circle. While the apparatus thereby creates images of the city as motion-blurred screens of lines and colours, the contours of a person standing in front of the camera can’t be captured but merges with the lights of the city – thus becoming invisible. The multimedia installation Ha-Neviim is a portrait of the city as well as a self-portrait of the artist. To be able to take pic-tures of himself, Nikolaus Eckhard has to keep pace with the speed of the rotating lens. He tries so by running small circles in front of the camera thereby creating 900 pictures in which his shades are more or less visible. During the two hours of the shooting dawn breaks over Jerusalem. It gradually changes the colours of the images till eventually the city, the landscape and the artist are swallowed by the white light of the morning. The multimedia installation HaNeviim consists of two videos and 3 digital photo-prints.


vimeo.com/nikolauseckhard/haneviim-themachine PASSWORD: RUN

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